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Factors that Affect the Conditions of your Feet while Running

It is important for the sake of your feet to find the best shoe inserts. It can take quite a bit of time to find the best arch support insoles, as it may not be that easy. This is something you will have to do if you are an athlete who does marathons, sprints and races. The act of running shifts the weight places on your feet, to a high figure, usually about seven times your body weight. Such a scenario presents the danger of you injuring your feet at a higher than normal level. This is why you hear so many runners getting injuries like plantar fasciitis, which is common among them. For the safety of your feet, it shall be necessary to go looking for the best running insoles they can find. While you are looking for these insoles, you need to look out for certain characteristics in them.

The good ones tend to be slim in profile. They may be thin, but they will still have plenty of cushioning and heel support to keep you safe. The running insoles need also to be thin enough for them to fit inside the shoe. You need to still fit your foot inside the shoe. Therefore, the slimmer, the better.

Their presence should ensure there are no odors coming from the shoe. Runner’s shoes tend to collect quite a lot of sweat over time, due to the heat involved. It is very easy for microbes to keep growing in there as time goes. As they build up, it becomes inevitable that there can be smells coming from the shoes. It is therefore important for you to find insoles that have a special coating that prevents the growth of microbes in the shoes.

You also need them to be universal in application. They should not limit who can access them. This means that they should be comfortably used in running shoes, dress shoes and dress boots to, but both men and women. This universality is what makes it possible for them to be so versatile in application.

They should also be of high built quality. The normal shoe insoles are bound to wear out as time goes. This is even worse for shoes that are worn all the time. This is why you need to find the best insoles, those which can last a long time of prolonged use.

They should also have heel cupping. This is something that cannot miss from the best arch support insoles. If you have flat feet, you need to specifically look for those that have this feature included. Those with flat feet tend to have wobbling footsteps, which makes them unstable as they walk or run. Through heel cupping, they shall regain their stability.

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