How does a fridge actually work?

While refrigerators are part of daily life for most of us, many people still don’t really understand how they work. Refrigerators are clever metal boxes that keep food cool and fresh with the aid of electricity and some science.

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Heat exchange

One job a refrigerator does well is move hot air from the inside of the refrigerator to the outside. This is a task that is ongoing, especially if people keep opening the fridge door and letting the cold air out and warm air in. A display freezer in a shop needs to be really efficient at dealing with fluctuating air temperatures as customers open fridge doors in shops and supermarkets constantly to take out what they need.

Do it with gas

The physical properties of gases are harnessed to cool the interior of a fridge. Compressed gas is hotter, while expanding gas cools. A fridge works by using a closed system with coolant in it which expands, and a condenser to extract heat from hot compressed gas. Heat moves from the fridge interior into expanded coolant – which may be a liquid or a gas, and as coolant heats up within the fridge, it then flows to the outside where it is compressed into a hot gas that discharges the heat it is carrying via the condenser at the back of the fridge.

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When a fridge is not working well and keeping the interior cool, various factors may be at fault. For tips on how to improve the performance of an inefficient fridge, see this report from The Guardian.

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Refrigerators are so common that most people take them for granted. However we should still appreciate these appliances and the feat of engineering that enables them to function and keep our food in a lovely fresh state. Refrigerators really are a marvel of modern life and they add great convenience to our daily lives.