Finding Burger In London

With all the buzz around burgers in London at the moment, I thought it sensible to give an idea of which restaurants are worth going to, and which are worth avoiding. This is an up to date list, based on personal research, of the Top 5 best burgers in London.

1. Lucky Chip burger – 10/10

Lucky Chip sell burgers from a burger van in a car park in East London. Their Bacon Cheeseburger (pictured) is absolutely phenomenal, and they have fun with some of their other burgers as well – check out the Selleck, the Sheen, the Danny Trejo, the Chuck Norris and enjoy. Lucky Chip are located in Netil Market, and a Bacon Cheeseburger costs about £6.50.

2. Admiral Codrington burger – 10/10

Chef Fred Smith is the genius behind the Admiral Codrington cheeseburger, which is quite possibly the most amazingly constructed burger in London today. Every element blends seamlessly together to produce a cheeseburger greater than the sum of its parts. At £15 it’s up there in terms of price, but also included are excellent hand-cut chips and a top quality set of ingredients to boot.

3. Bread Street Kitchen burger – 9.5/10

This new addition to London’s dining scene is still wet behind the ears, and that’s exactly what you get with the Bread Street Kitchen short rib burger. This big, juicy, wet bear hug of a patty wrapped in a Miller’s brioche bun, all for just £11.50. It’s stated its case to be featured on this best burgers in London list.

4. MEATLiquor burger – 9.5/10

A lot has been said about MEATLiquor, much of it by me in fairness, and there’s good reason for that. Yianni’s burgers are legendary, even from the days of the #Meateasy they demanded a cult following, and in MEATLiquor they are just as good. For £7, the bacon cheeseburger is magnificent, and now you can get it in a central London location – there’s really no excuse not to go.

5. Goodman burger – 9/10

Goodman city is on this best burgers in London list by pure virtue of the fact the have consistently served up a great burger every time I’ve been. Formed from the off-cuts of their dry-aged steaks, for £13 you get a burger, fries, and a choice of toppings. The great bun is baked in-house, and this delivers a hit of sophisticated, yet juicy beef.

Did I say 5, well, an honourable mention should go to number 6:

6. Rivington Grill burger – 8.5/10

Rivington Grill has been wowing the crowds for a while now, and they are still turning out some of London’s best burgers at a very reasonable price of £12.75. This is a best burgers in London list staple as the beef is juicy, fatty and coarsely ground, and thought and detail has gone into the composition (if you avoid the egg topping) to make this a great burger.

I hope that helps when you next have that ‘I need a burger’ moment in London – enjoy!