Add Value to Your Home with a Beautiful Fireplace

Having a fireplace in a home is something that can truly add value. A fireplace can be a centerpiece of any room, and it can also offer a very functional way to heat up a home on a cold day. A traditional wood burning fireplace is an option, but a gas fireplace can offer an easier, safer and more efficient option for installing a fireplace.

Ease of Use

Compared to a wood burning fireplace, one that operates on gas is much easier to use. Getting a fire started is as simple as turning on a switch. There is no kindling, fire starters or waiting for the heat to really get going. A fireplace that uses gas not only starts right away, but can produce heat very quickly as well. These types of fireplaces usually come with some sort of fan or blower that will help to spread the heat out within a room. Some models even come with a remote control to make the operation even easier.

Less Maintenance

Another appealing aspect of using a fireplace that is powered by gas is the low level of maintenance that is required to keep them in great shape. With a wood burning fireplace, there are ashes that need to be cleaned out of the firebox. This can be time consuming and very messy. When a fireplace uses gas to heat the home there is no ash produced, and that means there is no clean up needed. A wood burning fireplace also produces creosote which collects within the chimney or venting system. This creosote needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis. With a fireplace that uses gas, there is no such build up because the gas burns clean. This eliminates another very time consuming and messy cleaning task.

Ease of Installation

A fireplace using gas is easier to install compared to a wood burning one. A wood burning fireplace needs a full chimney to vent the smoke and gases up and out of the home. When natural gas is burned, that gas only needs to be vented outside the home. This makes putting in a ventilation system much easier. There are even options for a vent-less system with some of these fireplaces. Fireplaces that use gas produce a beautiful flame, they are easy to use, warming for the home, and simple to maintain.