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Tips for Purchasing Ice Machines for Your Business When you want to buy ice machines for your bar, hotel or restaurant, you are bound to get a machine that will meet your requirements. There are different ice machines in the market. This being the case, it can be quite challenging knowing the right ones to buy for your business. Ice machines do not come cheap. This being the case, you have to research well to know the right machines to go for. When evaluating various machines in the market, consider both your short and long-term needs. Here are some tips to follow when evaluating different ice machines to purchase. Location of the Machine Consider the location where the ice machine will be put. Ideally, the machine should be put in an area that is easily accessible to your employees or customers. It does not make sense for people to have to struggle to get ice because the machine is in a poorly accessible area. The ideal location should also be close to power sources, water supply and drainage holes. How Much Ice Will Be Required It is also important to know how much ice will be needed on a daily basis. The amount of ice that will be required can be quite challenging to determine. This is because the ice demand is likely to vary from day to day. On days like the weekends, more ice is likely to be required. On the same note, you should expect a high demand of ice cream during the warm months. Consult with your team to come up with the approximate amount of ice that will be required each month. If you are getting started with the ice business, it is best to ask for advice from an experienced business owner that already has ice machines.
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When there is high demand, the business will use more energy in making than storing the ice. You should factor the impact that the higher demand of ice will have on your business energy bills. If you want to save on energy costs, it is advisable to purchase an ice machine with a larger bin. With this machine, you can store ice for busy days. Purchasing small ice machines is another option you have. When you have two machines, you will only need to use both of them when the demand for ice is high.
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Ice machine business owners are generally advised to go for two small machines instead of one big one. This is especially important for business owners getting into the ice business for the first time. Research the Machines Given that there are different machines in the market, you should research to know what to expect from them. Find out about the features that the machines have.